Monday, May 3, 2010

Rain-Washed and Fresh

The burgandy iris survived the rain.

This taken in the morning; by evening a pink peony was almost fully opened.

Billowy white clouds in a blue sky.

The old grape vine wants pruning.

This lovely thing was nearly dead when I scooped it up from the road.  I wanted a closer look at the colors.

One of the transplanted delphinium.

I rescued this iris at the height of the rain on Sunday.  A bit tattered, but so pretty. [And that's the "accent wall" in Laura Ashley Russet!]

The garden fence in process.

The white clematis going to seed.

A view of the old barn in the next field.


  1. You have some lovely Iris colours there - love the toffee-coloured one. As for the butterfly - well, it puts just about all the British butterflies in the dark - that is AMAZING! Having said that, I have a soft spot in my heart for the Blue family of butterflies in the UK, happy memories of downland and Dorset walks.

    The accent wall looks a lovely warm colour.

  2. Lovely pictures. My husband says he thinks the butterfly is a Spicebush.

  3. BB; As always, your comments and enthusiam inspire me. You can imagine how this garden is delighting me after the arid years in Wyoming.
    Welcome, Mac and Janet; Thank you for an ID of the butterfly--I know only three or four of hte most common. It was nearly dead when I snatched it out of the path of an on-coming truck.

  4. What wonderful shots ...they paint such a story of your new home. The irises are beautiful but your butterfly is spectacular