Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Evening Walk-About

I took this photo looking up into the redbud trees. The light was fading and the photo does no justice to the color of the blooms.  Will have to take more in the morning.  Redbud trees are a new experience for us.

I know this is a dogwood--but I expected the blossoms to be larger.

Is this perhaps hydrangea?  Thank you QC for helping with plant identities.  I think your growing area must be similar there in VA.
I've been eyeing two shrubs at the northwest end of the house.  Today these colorful buds are showing.  In town we saw blooming shrubs with brilliant orange flowers.  I suspect these may be the same.  For a wild guess--wiegalia?  [And I should doubtless check the spelling of that as well as look up a plant photo online!]

J. and I were intrigued, now that we've tuned in to redbuds, to see that they grow here and there in hedgerows and the edges of wooded places. This one is just across the road from the mailbox.  Note the leafy nest, maybe a squirrel's in the sapling behind the redbud.

A view of the old barns as the sun was setting.

The old pear tree as the day was fading. I am drawn to walk down the slope to stand under this tree. Bloom time is so fleeting and lovely and the tree has such a venerable feeling about it.


  1. Strange to see the pear tree in bloom when mine has barely begun to bud......

  2. I love redbuds, too! They bloom in all the woods here with wild dogwoods...it's especially lovely when the two bloom together (not always synchronized every year). Those dogwoods look quite old...flowers aren't fully open...when the bracts fold back (the white things that we think of as petals, but aren't), the flowers will look bigger, honest. And yep, i'm pretty sure that's a hydrangea! The other bush i don't think is a weigela...i'm guessing it's a viburnum of some kind, but we'll know soon when the blossoms open. Brilliant orange flowers sounds like azaleas? And that old pear tree really is lovely. You're right, we have very similar climate and growing conditions here, although it looks like you've got nice loam soil rather than our Virginia red clay.

  3. It sounds like you have some lovely established plants and trees in your new garden, and I am sure you will add to them. I think it's warmer with you too, as things are still pretty well behind here, but we had SUNSHINE today! I'm not familiar with "redbuds" - wonder what I would know them as?

  4. Your cats are very pretty. How many are there? My own princess rules, or sometimes rules, our house.

  5. Al; It is strange to be in Kentucky--where we have the windows open, have been planting the garden etc, and hear our kids and friends back in Wyoming moaning about yet more snow.
    QC; Thanks for the info about the dogwoods. I discovered another one today up at the property boundary where the woods begin. I think I've also identified a quantity of poison oak growing around the place. Not such a nice plant!
    BB; I'm loving the discovery of plantings so much that staying inside to sort the house is about impossible.
    Hi,Terra; Thank you for coming by and commenting. 8 cats--I was best friend to the Pet Connection in our old home town--a rescue mission for abandoned or unwanted animals. Eight is really pushing the limits, but....they needed us!

  6. LOved joining you on your walk ...the pear tree is stunning....Im sure you are right about the plants and bushes.