Monday, February 8, 2010

The Packing Continues [Indefinitely?]

Who would think I could harbor so many books and projects in this small room I call mine. [The big closet was crammed, bins of fabric pushed under the daybed.]  Two stacks of boxes have gone out and there is still more to deal with.
Several cats peered from the bedroom door as J. trundled in the dolly.  All retreated but Charlie who is perpetually curious.
J. takes a load out to the trailer, maneuvering around cartons and displaced furniture.
Charlie supervises from a comfortable carton.
Raisin says the uproar is upsetting her delicate stomach--the skirting on my armchair holds in warmth from the infloor heat, so she has retreated from the fray.


  1. They do love boxes, don't they? You surely have your work cut out for you with all the packing of boxes and trundling about. Bailey's delicate stomach would be upset too. He doesn't even like being in the living room when the TV is on because of the stereo sound.

  2. I dread when we get to the packing stage MM - though I am packing away some of my surplus china and books and putting them away out of sight in the cupboards under the attic eaves . . .
    I expect your cats are wondering what the heck is going on. I know when we had dogs, and moved anything obvious around, they would get worried.

    Have you got a moving out date yet?

  3. Poor Raisin, i can understand how the disruption would upset her tummy...she's certainly found a lovely safe and warm place to hide out (and leaving the limp paws out as a sign that she's there and really suffering is a fine touch). My late Babka, who i mentioned in a previous post, would have been riding around on top of the top box on the dolly!