Friday, February 26, 2010

On The Way

The closing went smoothly, an hour behind schedule. Then a trip to the courthouse to file some papers, a trip to the bank to deposit the check [!!!] and a stop to eat at a local restaurant--our buyers were also there eating.
Back to the cabin to load up suitcases and the inevitable paraphanalia and for me to part sorrowfully with the cats.  The cats have hardly recovered from their change of abode and are very suspicious of boxes and heaps of untidy belongings which are clogging the small floor space of the cabin.
We turned over the house in spotless shining order, thanks in part to daughter G. and grandson D. who decided helping us on our way was more important than a school day.
I meant to have another session at the computer setting up some blog posts and answering some mail, but returned from errands in town to find that SIL had helpfully dismantled the computer.
Just as well.  It had been a very long day.
I took a photo of our entourage ready to head out.  It consists of "Snort'n Nort'n" with the truck bed loaded with a riding lawnmower and a 4 wheeler.  Tagging behind is the car trailer carrying our car, which we will leave in Kentucky parked at the home of friends of J's brother. [What a lot of  prepositions in that sentence!]
We have made it across Wyoming and over the Nebraska line before J. decided to make an early evening of it.  He is prone to driving half the night as a rule, but even he is ready to admit that we are tired.
The eastern part of Wyoming had less snow than at home.  We saw antelope by the hundereds grazing the frosty sagebrush plains, and every other fence post sported an eagle or a hawk, scouring the landscape for prey.
Thank you for all the encouraging comments.
The saga of the house search and move will continue as I have internet access.


  1. Glad the closing went smoothly! Hope you will post the picture of your entourage at some point. I'm glad J decided to make an early night of it, too. Safe journey!

  2. Hope you have a safe and successful trip.