Monday, February 22, 2010

The Foolishness of Men

J., son-in-law M. and his friend, T. with grandson D. in tow have been loading the heaviest of our furniture into the van.  Some transaction required a trip around to the old barn, and J. decided to check out the worthiness of his new snow tires.
I was first aware of this adventure when I glanced across the pasture as I was trudging to the cabin with an armload of clothing. It seemed like a good photo op.

J. and T. discuss just how stuck the car is.

M. sits at the wheel.

It has been discovered that a computerized system on the complicated innards of the 08 Toyota Rav 4 causes it to go to a low idle when the wheels begin to spin.  J. is quite disgusted by this.  He says had the car not dropped to an idle it would have gone through the snow.
When I asked him why on earth this manuever needed to be attempted, he glared beligerantly and said he "wanted to see if it would go!"
Two weeks ago as we drove home from church J. spied D. and his friend G. in the snow outside the barn.  A closer look revealed that the boys had J.'s new-last-summer riding lawn mower out in the snow and had it stuck.  He drove around to the house and went stumping across the pasture to inform the boys that the lawn mower wasn't meant to go in snow and the undercarriage would be damaged.
Reminded of this I said, "So this sort of experimentation is a genetic defect?"
"Not at all the same", replied J. indignantly, "The car is meant to go in snow, the lawn mower isn't."
After some digging with a snow shovel, some pushing and heaving, the car was turned around, trundled back through its tracks to return to the house by way of the road.
I can only call this sort of thing a testosterone-fueled showing off!


  1. *snicker* blame it on the Toyota's engineeers, right? *snort* Men!

  2. I think men have a strong sense of self-belief, that they can "make" things happen . . . or not, as the case may be! Oh, and notice, it was the fault of the CAR it got stuck . . .

  3. Exactly ladies--you see my point!
    Blasted car, anyway--how dare it not "GO!"

  4. In defense of men....

    It's not our fault when technology lets us down!

    And its a bloomin 4x4 so it should cope with a wee bit of snow.

    Anyway he was probably just demonstrating how not to do it for your benefit....



  5. And anyway..... you should have better things to do than go and stick a camera in his face and then post a gloaty {?} wee blog clearly just aimed at making all you lassies feel a bit superior {again}


    I'm right behind you J!!!


  6. And quiltcat,

    poor J seems to have gone down in your estimation since you commented "Sounds from this and other tales that J is one of those remarkable capable men who can make things happen with machinery, will power, patience, and vision." of a few posts ago, since he's now being pilloried as 'one of those typical men who always blame their tools.

    The poor guy will be distraught! {LOL}......Al.

    {Still fightin' the corner, J!}

  7. Fancy moving in the snow! Thanks for your kind comment on my Blog, lets hope your new kitchen is just the way you want it. I wouldnt wish the trials of a kitchen refurb on you, my Bloggy pal.

  8. Well I won't get into the foibles of men! And they think women are hard to understand! But I see you've still got all that snow up there -- ugh! I think you have to be born to it to suffer it!