Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Tweaking a blog set-up when one has virtually no computer skills is a tiresome process.
The cats have given up after trying since supper-time to capture my attention.
In the time spent I might have nearly finished a quilt--or sorted the closets--or done a huge baking.
I have to recreate the list of blogs which inspire me--somehow that disappeared, not to be retrieved.
But enough!  J. reports that it is now minus 2 degrees F.  The house is chilly around the edges. I think that a mug of hot milk, with lacings of honey and a pinch of ginger, might be a good inducement to sleep.
It seems that long winter's nights have been with us for many weeks.
I hope you'll enjoy the photos on the sidebar of the creatures who live with us.
Teasel [a.k.a. "Mamma's Darling"] is so beautiful and photogenic I could do a whole album just of her.


  1. A chilly good morning MM,

    Last nights heavy snow ailed to drop on our heads here so the day is off to a better start than expected, though I did think of BB as she was in the area listed for some of the heaviest falls last night, poor thing.

    Is your tweaking completed?

    hen I open your blog the header lines up on the left but extends way over beyond the right side of the text and blurb.


  2. That sounds like a tasty milk drink and I love ginger. We are still in the grips of our snowy feeeze here in England. Most unusual for us. With no mail and no way of getting the car out, thank heavens for the internet!

  3. Al; the header photo has been annoying me. I couldn't find a "shrink to fit" option. I swear it wasn't there before--but this morning I have "shrunk" and it looks better. Things I can't "fix" in any area of my life really niggle at me. I think I can say of the header [along with Professor Higgins] "I think she's got it!"

  4. Kath; Hot milk with honey and gin ger was one of my late MIL's favorite suggestions for a late evening comfort. I'm often up prowling in the night and the mug of milk is warming and soothing.
    I don't think I envy you snowed into a dismantled kitchen!

  5. was that 8 cats I counted on the sidebar? they are fabulous!! But then yopu know i am a little partial to pussycats!!!

    Leanne x

  6. Leanne; we have a history of rescuing and collecting cats! They can be exasperating, but so dear!

  7. What a cute kitty. I do love kitties.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog, and thanks for the links.

    I notice you have The Shell Seekers as one of your favourite books. It's one of my most favourites too. I've just posted it off to another blog friend to read. Have you read Sleeping Tiger by Rosumunde Pilcher? It's my other fave.

  8. Hi Sarah; I have most of Rosamunde Pilcher's books--they are "comfort reading". Favorites are "September", "Coming Home", "Winter Solstice." I have a number of them as audio books which used to be nice when I had quilt shop projects to work on at home. Sadly, my cassette player wore out and I haven't found the books on CD.

  9. Hullo MM,

    It's all looking good on the page again. Your tenacity paid off.

    Take a bow Mrs computer literate!!



  10. I had a great deal of bother with my blog after only changing the page colour! When I used a different template, the list of blogs all came back, but I then had to change the colours again!!!

    Good luck, but you will learn such a lot from it :)

    Thanks for your comments, it seems that most of my village are unprepared for any emergency. Those that laughed at me for always keeping a store cupboard and supplies for any situation are having a little rethink now!

  11. I didn`t realise that you have eight cats! Clever Teasel to find a home where her colouring blends in so beautifully with the Siamese Ones.

    Pebbles must be fed up in the snow. She looks sleek and lovely in the summer side photograph.

  12. I know it was a hassle, but your blog setup looks lovely! and it's wonderful seeing all of your kitties arrayed together. Next perhaps a link to a little bio of each? (as if you didn't have enough to do already...)

  13. DW; there are many Siamese hybrids in our area and many of them are not housecats. There was a feral Siamese Tom on the property when we moved here--he may have been Teasel's father or grand father.
    QC; I would love to do a "biography" for each cat. Thus far I haven't conquered creating a "link" either to another blog entry or to something off-site. I think I'd best be content for now that the blog is fairly tidy again!