Sunday, January 31, 2010

Shop Cat

The batteries in my camera were weak and the screen was flashing warnings to replace them as I tried to capture Shop Cat.
This photo added 2-2-10
Here is Shop Cat at his best.  We took the car for service today and I made sure I had good batteries in the camera.
Shop Cat was curled in his armchair when we entered the shop, but he sauntered to the garage area to supervise.
Shop Cat is a Scottish Fold feline of great character, a gregarious creature who was rescued by Mark who owns the automotive repair shop in the small industrial complex which can be viewed at a distance across the main highway from our house.

We have been ferrying vehicles back and forth during the week for service, and some serious repairs to the old Dodge truck, Snort'n Nort'n.  When J. drops off a vehicle that may be there for some hours or even a day or two, I follow him in another vehicle.  I made the acquaintance of  Shop Cat last autumn and always hope that he will be around. 
Shop Cat loves to monitor the clients as they arrive and depart and he stomps about the small parking lot with the aplomb of an overseer. At one end of the parking area is a corral for horses as a farrier works from the same premises.  Only on a day of really dreadful weather does Shop Cat linger in the lobbey of the shop, curled in a blanket covered armchair.
Last November J. had several of his For Sale motor homes serviced.  One afternoon, driving the few miles back home he realized that Shop Cat had settled himself in the camper while Mark was working and was now quite happily going for a ride.  Of course he turned around and delivered Shop Cat back to his owner.

Shop Cat was standing on top of the lattice screen by the shop door when we went over on Friday morning.  He "meowed" a pleasant greeting and posed for me while my camera refused to cooperate.
 Stuffing the dead camera in my coat pocket, I hoisted Shop Cat and carried him inside. He is a solid, compact being, an armful.  I held him as I waited for the bill to be presented for me to write a check. Shop Cat purred--a strong, well-tuned motor.
How he survives in such a busy  yard his owner doesn't know, but the affection shared between them is obvious.
Long may Shop Cat live to greet the customers and add his unique personality to the business.


  1. I love going to businesses that have shop cats! Shop Cat sounds like a real character and i hope he stays safe from all those vehicles.

  2. Do his ears naturally lay flat? It makes him look very mean! He must be very clever at dodging the cars by now, I hope he lives a long and contented life.

  3. What a beautiful boy he is. I've never seen Scottish Fold up close before. He looks a bit like Snowy after his ear-removal operation . . . I absolutely LOVE ginger cats, but my huge ginger tom went off one day and never came back . . .

  4. Here is a description of hte Scottish Fold cats--from a FAQ page on the web:
    After two decades of outcrossing to the American and British Shorthairs, the Scottish Fold has developed a look all its own. It is a medium sized cat, 9 to 13 pounds in the male and 6 to 9 pounds in the female. A Fold should have a well rounded, padded look to the entire body with a round headed appearance from all angles, domed at the top with a very short neck. The eyes should be large, round, broadly spaced and giving a sweet expression. A Fold can have straight medium-sized ears to small tightly folded ears with wide range in the degree of the fold. The ear tips will be rounded on the tip. A Fold will have well-rounded whisker pads with whiskers which often curve forward. The jaw is firm and well rounded. The nose is gently curved, short and wide due to the wide set of the eyes. Sometimes the curve of the mouth around their prominent whisker pads gives the appearance of a "smiling" cat. As you can see from the description, the Scottish Fold's head should look round in all ways.

  5. He's certainly full of character - and confidence too by the look of him.