Monday, January 4, 2010

Renovating the Blog

Two hours of playing with templates, trying to "click and drag" bits and pieces of the blog.
Other people do this all the time.
I apparently don't have the skills that "other people" possess!
Please bear with me while I muddle through.
At least the whole blog didn't disappear--it just re-arranged when I wasn't looking.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I look at my watch and think -- great, half an hour! I have time to post my blog --two hours later...!!!

  2. I often wish I knew more about making my blog pretty to look at, I do very little because I'm scared of losing the lot! I can just about manage the Add a Gadget thing but after that I'm lost. Good luck!

  3. Hullo MM,

    Poor you. My worst nightmare too....

    Hope you get it fixed soon.


  4. Mine has to stay the same for that very reason MM - I am not technically minded at all! If it's got paws or hooves, I'm OK, but I am a real technophobe when it comes to computers!

    LOVELY snow photo at the top.

  5. I am very lucky to have my own in-house IT expert. If not for him, I would probably given up long ago. You've done well to experiment!

  6. My friends, I think I'm getting it together. The only thing I've really "lost" is my favorite blogs list which I can work on a bit at a time. The header photo is still bigger than I want, but I can live with that. I need to quit messing with the layout and apply my wits to a number of other things. Such as this room which is untidy again. Surely I didn't create all this mess??!!

  7. I like your new blog header photo and cool color scheme. Is this Teasel as a baby? she looks like she's yawning...or about to hack a furball all over whatever she's sitting on!

  8. The photo is of a younger Teasel--I just happened to catch her making that face--which seemed to express perfectly how I was feeling about the blog layout.