Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Put Upon

I brought this in from the chilly entry a few days ago and it has rewarded me with two blossoms and a few more buds. It is half of a large Christmas cactus which J. gave me about 14 years ago--one of only two plants to survive the move to Wyoming and the change in water quality. 
A few months ago Charlie [who else?] overturned the plant container, breaking several branches. I divided the remains into two pots--both are reviving, although put off their December bloom time.

Why, you might ask, am I posting a photo of a closet interior?
I had barely arrived at work yesterday when J. phoned to inform me that a realtor wanted to schedule a house showing for early evening. He felt, quite reasonably, that I had best come home and launch a cleaning blitz.
By the time I flung myself through the back door, he had convinced the realtor that a Wednesday evening viewing would be more agreeable.
Right!  Where to start?  Sawdust and such drifting onto every surface has been an excuse to neglect all but the most necessary house-keeping tasks.
My "sitting room" is small and houses both my computer desk and my sewing desk--as well as heaps and tipples of books, CD's, my fabric stash.  It seemed the place to tackle.
Several hours later I had re-organized the fabric into color-cued stacks, filled a trash bag and two large give-away "scrap bags." The shelves on both sides of the closet have been reorganized and the books at least tidied.
This morning I clambered up a step ladder obligingly placed by J. and attempted to wash the outsides of the living area windows. Glass does not clean well at 22 degrees F.
I have sorted the pantry.
I have promised to turn the kitchen into an immaculate showplace before Wednesday noon.
The house viewing has now been postponed until late on Friday.
I do not enjoy preparing for house viewers.
I especially do not like preparing for house viewers who can't stick to a schedule.

This is a quilt I made for the shop from a line of Western themed fabrics.  We now have an order for two of them sized to fit twin beds.  The new bolts of some of the fabrics were stacked by my sewing station when I arrived at work.
I tried most of the day to ward off a headache/neuralgia episode, but it has settled in with a vengence. No wits to summon for answering letters or blog comments, let along creating an interesting post.
To borrow a phrase from my late Mother, I am feeling a bit cranky and "put upon."
A mug of hot milk, two Advil and off to bed.


  1. Hullo MM,

    Hope you're feeling a bit better by the time you read this.

    Jings, if thats tidying and blogging when not well than thats not bad at all....

    My cupboards would have been stuffed higgledy piggledy with everything and the doors closed on them, viewers or not, and the blog would have been a frustrated rant from start to finish.


  2. Oh gosh deary, could I ever do with you RIGHT HERE - for about 3 months!!! Having a clear out would be SO much more fun with a friend to share it with. I hope that you got everything sorted in good time and that the prospective buyer was so bowled over they have offered over the asking price!!! GORGEOUS quilt, and that's something from me as I don't normally fall for earth colours.

  3. Al; I'm sure that if I stuffed things behind closed doors, those would be the very cupboards and closets that would be opened and out it would all tumble, to my disgrace!
    BB; I agree that "helping" someone sort is a pleasanter way to do it, only danger being that we would likely pounce on each other's discards and bear them triumphantly home in the spirit of "surely I can make something of that!"
    The western themed fabrics aren't to my taste, but the shop owner loves them. Mostlines from this particular designer have very directional motifs. I'm not feeling in the mood to make sure that each "patch" has cowboys, bulls and horses standing upright!

  4. We were in the process of selling our house but had a leak in the kitchen, couldn't afford to fix the damage so we've put it on hold.

    Hope you are successful in selling yours!