Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Bit Warmer

Bare cottonwoods lean into the blue sky.

Deer have trudged around the yard leaving their hoof prints.

The snow is so deep that each movement of the deer's hooves leaves a trail of shuffled snow.

Three trails like perfect strings of pearls lead into the center of a greasewood shrub.

A closeup of these delicate footprints. Is this where mice have scuttled through the snow?  Whatever creature walked here disturbed only a topmost layer of the light dry crystals.

I hasn't snowed for several days, but in the nearly windless cold, snow is caught on horizontal branches.

A woodpecker or flicker's boring in the battered trunk of a cottonwood.

A stand of dried weed [sorrel?] is dark red in the afternoon light. Note each slender shadow.

The gift paperwhites have stretched quickly and have opened fragrant blossoms.
The ones planted earlier have gone floppy and are tied up with a torn length of fabric.  There are a few sluggards in that container--alive and growing but stunted and reluctant to flower.

Work continues in the attic/loft and sun strikes through the window onto the dedicated carpenter!

A cat pile on an old quilt. Lt. to rt. Eggnog, Chester, Jemima.
The cold blue light of January reflects off snow and lends its tint to indoor spaces.

"Mama's Darling!"

The cats don't like the noise of J.'s power tools, so the bedroom and my sitting room have been retreats today. 


  1. Lovely photos of your cats, 'Mama's Darling' is so pretty - which one is she? I'd really love to have a cat again but B Baggins would almost certainly go for it. I've always had cats and dogs together in the past but the cats have already been here when the dogs arrived. We'd just lost our last cat when B Baggins came to us so he's always been an only dog who has made it clear that cats are quarry!

  2. Hullo MM,

    Big thaw on here yesterday and today but forecast warns of more snow to come. Suddenly fields are clear of snow and roads are grey again. Not sure |I don't prefer the snow.

    Your cats are such poseurs!!!


  3. Hi there sorry I've not been around but today I feel human and feel I must catch up with life. I have had a great read of all your posts that I have missed ...over a mug of coffee and my favourite breakfast...buttered toast with marmalade. What wonderful shots of nature ...I really feel I am seeing it all myself.

    Your pies look Yummy but Tapioca ....Yuk ...reminds me of school lunches as a small shild.Sorry... never could bring myself to eat it again

    I love seeing piles of cats too and trying to work out how many are actually there in the heap.

    Your Paper Whites are beautiful ...they look and sound as though they are one of the narsisi family ...????jonquilles but ours grow much slower and flower in April to early May ... Take care

  4. Great pictures. I particularly love the one of the kitties all curled up together.

  5. Your husband looks semi-naked compared with the multi-layers we are wearing here!! All work has ground to a halt in this house until the snow thaws (which it is slowly doing) - but "they" say there is heavy snow due in Wales and the West Country coming from the West now . . . Sigh. Love the tangle of cats. Ours tend to be individuals and don't snuggle up together although I did find Gypsy in Ban's big box bed with her this morning . . .

  6. Wow, look at all that insulation! (you can tell I'm a gal whose had a lot of building work!). I love the cat pile, I had to look carefully to see where one begins and another one ends! I was admiring your wedding ring quilt, I am planning to make a W.R table runner for my SIL, as soon as the house is clean anough to sew in!

  7. Oh I soooo love the three kitties curled up together like a celtic design (I forget the proper name and it's usually 3 hares). I''l look it up.

    Your snow is gorgeous, ours is melting now. We have similar trails of little footprints though, and the rabbits leave little cotton tail impressions too, which had us guessing for a while :)

  8. What beautiful bark the cotton wood tree has.

    I have been baking today too. A good thing to do when the world outside is still thick with snow and ice.