Saturday, December 19, 2009

A White Morning

I awoke long before dawn, but was reluctant to put my feet out of bed until 6:30.
The cats, knowing I was awake, resorted to their best tactics.  It is difficult to think of sleep when there is a cat on one's pillow, several stomping resolutely over whatever ridge of one's body is uppermost in the bed.
I gave in to their blandishments, felt about in the dark for slippers and robe and we trouped to the kitchen.
At first light I opened the curtains and discovered three does nibbling icy grass along the edges of the pond.

Every twig and fence wire is coated in hoarfrost this morning.

Sunrise brought a pale flush to the sky.

Sparrows and juncos glean beneath the feeder.

The deer don't oblige for photos. It is a matter of trying to focus as they move along the bank.

These are mule deer.

She moved as I snapped.

Frost covered trees.

A pale winter sun reflects on the foothills.

Pebbles and her fence are frost touched.

"If you're going to stand on the porch and take my picture, I think you might get out here with my grain!"

Frost hairs on the clothes pegs.

The foothills have disappeared in a grey-white haze, only the nearer landscape is deffned.


  1. It's even snowing here now MM, which is something I could have done without. Keith has had to take Gabby into town (she's staying overnight with friends) but now he can't get up our hill as there is ice beneath a thin layer of snow. He and D are having to spread grit now. Hope it thaws overnight, but it's so damn cold, I doubt it . . .

    Your pictures look pretty and the deer must be pretty close to the house.

  2. BBRRRR! what delightful photos, I love the hairy clothes pegs :) Our snow here in England was very modest by your standards. Kath

  3. What wonderful winter shots must be soooo cold to produce the feathered pegs and branches that look as though frosted glitter had been stuck to them.Love taking a close up look . Fancy the deer not posing for your camera LOL

  4. The quality of light in your snowy landscapes is so beautiful.

    I expect Pebbles has a thick woolly coat like our Forest ponies? They are all fluffed up against the cold tonight. It is bitter here, but no snow, so far.

  5. Wonderful photos! Especially like the one of the foothills in pink. Here you are up at dawn and I thought I had soul-mate who doesn't like to get up in the morning! :)

    Haven't found any gift from Bailey so maybe he waited. I must say he is more spritely than he has been for some time, since taking the antibiotic. I thought he was just lazy.

    Thank you for your comments re my paintings. I'm very insecure having discovered this ability so late in life, and certainly never taking any lessons

  6. Beautiful.

    Probably best viewed from the warmth of the house though.

    -4 last night but clear.

    Lovely G at family in Switzerland and it was -18 las night.


  7. What stunning photos! My favourite is the one of the pegs :) Pebbles is pulling the sort of face that I get from Toffee when he's hungry!

    Seasons blessings to you all :)

  8. Beautiful pictures, but it's 40 degrees here and I'm happy with that. I have some cats that look like they could be siblings of yours (know that's not possible). Check them out in the "cat house" part of my blog.

  9. Lovely snow photos and even better is the hoar frost which creates such spectacular scenes.