Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Responding to the Remembrance Series Comments

Jemima napping.
Position is everything in life!
Rather than responding to individual comments, I decided to acknowledge them here on the blog "front page." I have been truly encouraged by your interest in Uncle Lawrence's letters and the thoughtful observations and questions you have shared.
Posting this series in honor of Remembrance Day wasn't something I planned ahead. I'm still surprised by the hours it has taken to re-read all the letters, to select excerpts, newspaper features and photos to expand on Lawrence's words.
As always when I re-visit the letters, my emotions are stirred. When all have died who knew an individual, the substance of that person begins to fade. I'm pleased that so many of us are researching our family history, ferreting out facts, trying to put together the puzzles. Most of all I'm delighted at the generosity of sharing and the chances for new acquaintances that this affords.
I'm feeling a bit cross-eyed from gazing at the computer screen more than usual and surely I should tackle the clouds of cat hair which have been allowed to accumulate for several days. My desk wants clearing.
I may resist posting for a day or two and, like my little cat, find a place to curl up!
If you are visiting my blog after several days away and are interested in reading my Remembrance posts, do back up to the one titled Camp Devens, Enlistment, and start from the bottom up so that you will be reading this small history in chronological order.


  1. I can imagine all too well the hours these posts must have taken to prepare - well worth it though. I was glad to hear that Letha found happiness eventually and that she stayed in touch with Lawrence's family.

  2. Thank you, MM,for spending all those hours sharing your family memories and letters. As I lay in my warm bed last night, I thought of Lawrence, writing home to his parents from the trenches and longing to be back on the farm with them and in his own "good bed".

    He sounds a dear, kind young man who loved his family and his life on the land. Despite the upset it must have caused when his body came back from France, maybe it was right that he returned at last to the home that he loved?

    Your remembrance posts have been so moving and inspiring. Once again, thank you.

  3. Jemima tugs at my heartstrings. My favorite Siamese who looked just like Jemima has now been gone for 5 years at Christmas.