Sunday, November 1, 2009

Hot Springs State Park

A runnel of hot water splashes into the river below the cliff.
Hot mineral water. Is the strange white feathery stuff some kind of moss or water plant which thrives in the heat, or a build up of minerals?

D., teeth clamped on a toothpick, considers whether he really wants to squeeze into the rock crevice behind him.

Layers of crusted minerals on the river bank look as though a giant had disgorged over the edge!

D. and J. stand in one of the odd mineral formations which looks somewhat like petrified rock.

Mallards preening.

D. and I have enlarged and squinted at duck photos, then compared to our bird book. We believe there were Widgeons as well as Mallards in the river.

Hundreds of ducks paddled in the river far below where we stood.

Mallards leaving their V-shaped wakes.

Buck and rail fence near the park road.

Fence in the red dirt area where the bison roamed.

Behind the fence is a large hollow. Maintenance sheds and hay storage in background.

Bison in a fenced area.

A bull bison snoozes in the warm sun.

Grazing is supplemented with a large hay bale in a metal rack.


  1. WOW - at the scenery. Real America, just like in the Westerns! Your grandson survived being dragged out of bed I see!

    There is a Devil's Punch Bowl here too - well, in England - in Surrey. Years ago there were a series of pony books set there, around the Punchbowl farmhouse where the author Monica Edwards actually lived. I visited once, but couldn't find the farmhouse, but what a fabulous wild area it is.

  2. What wonderful shots of the Bison...I love those creatures.
    I double took at the notice 'Devils Punch Bowl'... there was one not that far from where we lived in SE England and a lake in Norfork that was called that too!!!!