Sunday, September 6, 2009

Going to Earth

J. and Raisin sharing breakfast on our last morning in the motor home. We were parked near Ft. Laramie, WY and will later have photos and impressions of that national park to share.

Our old gate-legged table with my Bible, favorite nature books and oddments, framed copies of vintage maps above.

My shabby wing chair and a tumble of books.
Walking into our house last evening after a two week absence I felt stunned momentarily with the reality of being "home." We were greeted by our grandson and his parents and by the 7 cats who didn't make the journey with us. Raisin resisted being removed from the motor home and was very scratchy while being carried in and deposited on the entry floor.
As I looked blearily about, my eyes fell first on the old gate-legged table with the cover which I pieced two years ago, then I came into this room which serves as mine for reading, writing, sewing. All here, anchors in the midst of fatigue, offering familiar comforts to ease the tumbled thoughts and impressions of the past fortnight.
We didn't attempt much in the few hours before bedtime. We brought in food from the motor home fridge, petted cats, sorted some mail, showered and fell into bed.
I was out of bed at the usual time this morning--the cats saw to that! I made a mental list of "things to do" but find that my energies are not up to the tasks, either physically or mentally. Laundry is done, clothing from the motor home closets put away, armloads of my books and such merely dumped here on the daybed. J. set up the sprinklers on the very brown and crispy lawn.
I've read a few e-mails and letters, peeked at my favorite blogs where I need to catch up with everyone's "doings", but for now what seems right is a mug of tea and a sitting spell in that shabby armchair with whatever assortment of felines wishes to keep me company.
The many kind thoughts sent our way are very warmly appreciated. Thank you, my friends!

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  1. Glad to see you are back safe and sound ...thoughts are with you xx