Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sunset Drama

These were shot from the front porch last night just before dark. The contrast between sky and land wasn't quite as defined as it appears and there was a yellow-green tint to the clouds. It was raining somewhere in the mountains and the setting sun was behind a sheet of moisture.
This evening I had to follow J. to a job site a few miles out of town. He had managed to get one too many vehicles there in the course of the day. I wished I had taken the camera as I had to wait while he loaded tools and such. Distant thunder was rattling and raindrops hit the windshield. Dark blooming clouds with a molten sunset edging rolled above the mountains.
I've tried a few shots with the new camera--haven't installed the soft ware yet. Also can't remember where to punch the "zoom" button. I'm only on the first bend of the learning curve!


  1. You are gonna be like me, fascinated with those storm clouds, and sunsets! :)

  2. Having always lived in the country I learned by example to notice weather and nature. Weather changes are dramatic so near to the mountains. I wish I could paint--or even become a better photographer.