Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Museum of the American West

The horse-drawn hearse

Since these are colored photos, I'm wondering if they were taken as part of an enactment.

Country Store Display

My daughter coveted the vintage salt and pepper shakers inside the sheep wagon!

An entire "stuffed" horse, getting a bit baggy at the knees.

I persuaded my daughter to go with me to visit the local pioneer living museum on Saturday afternoon. These are some of the displays in the museum's main building.

I can only upload 5 photos at a time [?] so will continue with separate posts to show you others.


  1. This is just the kind of museum I'd love to visit, I've just bought a book called Covered Wagon Women - Diaries and Letters from the Western Trails. I'm looking forward to reading about the lives of these pioneer women and one of these days I'd like to visit some of the areas that they travelled through.

  2. I think I have read that very book. There are several similar that are on sale locally. The displays inside the museum building were nicely done, but the lighting was such that my photos aren't the best.
    I think the hardships on the western migration can not be imagined and I suspect the women bore the brunt!

  3. My sort of museum too! I still have Frank McLynn's "Wagons West" in my pile of books to read . . .