Monday, July 20, 2009

Doesn't Anyone Feed the Cats?

Who was here first?

Lt to Rt: Teasel, Raisin, Chester, Charlie, Jemima

Quite a few years ago we moved the cats' kibble feeder from the floor to the kitchen counter. This was during the lifetime of the late Henry Higgins our Border Collie when we discovered that he preferred the cat food to whatever was served in his own bowl. Higgins has passed on, but there is still a cat feeder on the counter, as well as another on the table in the entry and one behind the "island". I serve two kinds of "crunchies" just to keep everyone happy. Spoiled cats, indeed.
Sunday morning I opened a new bag of Iams and was immediately mobbed. Raisin, our elderly queen of hairballs, had first chance while the younger generation had to wait in line.

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