Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Long Day

Laptop on the cluttered table
I didn't sleep well last night for a variety of reasons. Husband loomed over me as I struggled to collect my wits at 7 a.m. and inquired if I was about to get up and turn on the computer for him so that he could watch the live-streamed auction where he had consigned some equipment. I briefly considered hitting him with something, but stumbled into the shower instead.
While the cats sat on the edge of the bed looking encouragingly at me, I decided that the time had come for us to be a two PC household. I turned on the computer, but the speakers weren't working. Husband and son-in-law scrambled about tracing wires and jacks, then repaired up the drive to view the proceedings on son-in-law's PC. I dragged a chair out to the east side of the house into the morning sunshine, sipped my coffee and formulated a PLAN! I was somewhat thwarted when the local Radio Shack didn't have the type of laptop which I wanted. The RS in the next town had three of that model and would be happy to hold one for me. [The Native Americans on the neighboring reservation received bonus checks of some sort this week and have been mobbing the electronics stores!] I didn't spare the tires and was back home with the Toshiba laptop in an hour.
To shorten this story to the essentials: wireless internet wouldn't work with the laptop. Our tech support man arrived and announced that the various cables and plugs had been messed up when I had to call the internet provider two weeks ago and followed their suggestions for restoring internet. The connection has wavered in and out all day. The two month old router seems to be impaired...probably causing the earlier difficulties
The accomlishments of the day are slight and the energy expended seems too much. The men have run back and forth on errands and service calls; I dashed to the quilt shop for long enough to finish an order of placemats; Raisin the cat ate half my lunch-time hamburger when I was in here looking for a spare USB cord; we've had an evening of high winds and rumbling thunder.
After much trial and error I did get an e-mail account set up for husband, managed to link the two accounts so that I can switch between his account and mine on either PC.
Stay tuned for a more interesting post tomorrow--the one that was meant for today!
As Samuel Pepys was fond of closing his diary--"And so to bed." Tomorrow might be better!


  1. Just one of those days - we all get them sometimes. At least Raisin had a good day by the sound of it:)

  2. After going to bed I considered I should get up and delete this post. Surely it revealed too much of our disorganized bedlam!
    Raisin is elderly, spoiled, domineering. Husband sat with his own plate of lunch and watched her sampling mine.

  3. It is LOVELY to catch up on your "doings" over the past week. I have a connection at present, but could go any time as line still not fixed - waiting for offical shut down of our lane!

    Writing snail mail to you meanwhile . . .