Thursday, January 15, 2015

Progress in the Farm Kitchen

Cabinets all anchored in place, doors attached, sink set in.
Jim discovered the faucet was leaking around the base, perhaps some damage done when it was removed from the original kitchen in Tennessee.
He declared that while he can deal with running the water lines and configuring the traps and drains, he doesn't 'do' leaky faucets!  Thus back to Lowes for a new faucet with a single lever mixer tap.

The upper corner cupboard was fitted with a solid door in our niece's kitchen, but a glass door was included. I chose the glass door, behind which will live my teapots.

Cardboard covering the countertops for protection from the welter of tools needed to get this all done.

The weather has been cold, but a few days last week were lightened with sunshine and blue skies.
We drive into the sunset much of the winding way home for the night.

The colors of the sunset change even as we stop the car to capture a view.


  1. It's looking great-the cabinets are beautiful! I know you'll be so glad when you can finally move in and start enjoying your new home!

  2. You cabinets are really nice and I can just see teapots featured behind the glass door.

    Sunset pictures are amazing!

    Have a GREAT weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. what beautiful colour in those skies. Your kitchen is shaping up nicely, in my opinion, you can't beat natural wood, it has a homely glow.
    Once again I am reminded what a blessing it is to have a practical husband!

  4. It's looking good, maybe you'll be able to move in soon.

  5. Great progress on the kitchen, and I'd have gone for the glass display front too. I loved your sunset photos - my friend Rosie in NZ has also shared some beautiful ones, as witnessed with Danny alongside.

    Your book is now winging its way to you by Air Mail.

  6. How nice to have such a beautiful kitchen to use.

  7. Beautiful kitchen - how nice to see the progress!

  8. Just love the account of 'the move', cold houses at either end of the day but you have a lovely kitchen, and the summer will come, and you will be installed in your new home and the world will be right for you both ;)