Thursday, January 2, 2014

Snowing in Kentucky

I have slept restlessly for several nights and this was one of the rare mornings when J. was first out of bed.
He even dished out the cat food.
Teasel came back to the bedroom after wolfing her portion and told me a long sad story about a starving cat.
I hauled on warm sweat pants and a dilapidated hoodie, thrust my feet into slippers and followed Teasel to the kitchen.
Her pitiful tale was debunked by the row of cat dishes on the kitchen floor.
Outside snow was drifting down in fitful flakes. 
When I opened the sliding door for a hasty photo several cats dashed into the fenced enclosure.
They were back in by the fire very quickly, shaking their cold paws.

Looking through the branches of the 'burning bush.'

Snow had thickened by mid-afternoon, clinging to the nandina.

Snow accumulation at 3:45.
It doesn't look like much, especially to those of us who have lived in New England or the interior 
American west.
Schools here are closed, meetings and events cancelled.
The library and several businesses in the town center announced early closings.
Roads are nearly all hard surfaced, but they are narrow and follow the many creeks that plunge down into ravines or twist deep into the 'hollers.' 
I needed to stock fridge and pantry with a few items as J. will be away next week, along with M. and G.
I will be preparing one hot meal per day to share with grandson D. who, with a pal, is meant to keep the home fires burning next door.
J. will be taking the van to the airport in Nashville.
He has had the red diesel truck for sale off and on during the past year.
Of course, it sold just in time to leave me with only old 'Snort'n Nort'n' available to drive.
I could if I had to, but Nort'n, the old Dodge, is not woman-driver-friendly, and I wouldn't want to maneuver 'him' in close quarters.
So, J. offered to drive me to Wal Mart [our local detested emporium] as he had an errand in that direction.
Cupboards and fridge are now stuffed with the sort of things that young men like to eat!
Cat food and litter in good supply.
Speaking of the cats: the ones who have indoor/outdoor privileges don't understand that unfriendly weather doesn't 'go away' in a few minutes.
They demand 'in', get warmed and dried, insist on going back 'out' only to act dismayed by the blowing snow that is still happening.
The smell of a beef roast in the slow cooker has filled the house for most of the day.
I baked Russet potatoes, made coleslaw with one of our recently harvested cabbages.
Taking advantage of the hot oven I stirred up a batch of 'hermits,' the soft spicy molasses cookies such as my Mother often made. I used dried blueberries in lieu of raisins.
The predicted overnight temperature is 16 F and the wind is biting.
With a rather 'safe than sorry' attitude I dragged my 5 rosemarys inside from the front porch.
It is meant to be much colder the first of the week, so I think I will walk around the large plant pots for several days until temperatures moderate.
I hope the boy cats, bored with inclement weather, won't decide to rake soil from the plant tubs!


  1. You have snow (hope you don't get a heavy fall to follow this one), whilst we have yet more torrential rain and gales, and last night a terrific thunderstorm with huge claps of thunder right over the house. Regardless (but it has died down now and is dry out) we are heading off to Hay for the day, to celebrate our wedding anniversary early (26 years). Danny's coming too so he must be bored!

    I hope you are stocked up sufficiently to feed D whilst J is away, and that you can find plenty to keep you occupied : ) Keep warm. I had to smile at the cats thinking the weather was going to be different each time. Ours sometimes go to a different door with that faint hope!

    1. We've had a bit of everything in the way of winter weather thus far, including an off-season tornado warning on 21st Dec.
      Checking 'the other door' must be a universal response of felines to nasty weather!
      I hope your day out is a pleasant one and that it will include a cozy tea shop.

  2. You are wise to protect your Rosemarys, I lost a bush which had been a gift from a friend. All down to the North winds. A replacement now lives in our south facing front garden.
    Your cookies on the hob and the meal in the crock pot make your home sound so snug.

    1. Kath; Daughter G. is well known for killing rosemary plants. She has reported that one left on the porch has given up the ghost. I've only lost them as indoor plants that couldn't tolerate our water source in Wyoming.
      I think the smell of simmering food or baked treats is a great boost to the morale on a cold day.

  3. Another delightful post. It is 'chilly' here in s.e. FL this morning, so welcome after the heat we've been having.

    Enjoy being cozy in your lovely home ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; 'Chilly' is all relative, isn't it! I remember when my in-laws first moved to FL and we left behind a month of VT below zero temps to visit them in Orlando for a week. FL residents were wearing parkas and complaining of the "cold!"

  4. It is -30 with the wind here. We have been house-bound except to get groceries and feed a stay-at-home cat for the last few days. The wood-stove is going 24/7 which keeps the cats satisfied. I so need Spring and am thinking it is time to buy some flowers for the house. Your hermits sound delish. Send some over. :)

    1. I'm guessing your weather is very similar to what we knew in Vermont. Wind always makes it so much colder--a battle to even step outside.

  5. Happy New Year! Your home sounds so cozy and comfortable with delicious smells of home cooking and well stocked cupboards. Hope you aren't caught in the severe snowstorm that seems to be affecting a lot of the US and Canada. It's wet and windy here but nowhere near as bad as Bovey Belle has had. No snow so far t his winter though - hope these aren't famous last words:):)

    1. We experienced 'wet and windy' for much of December. Now we are bracing for a cold spell.
      I think the smells of traditional home cooking do much to alleviate the gloom of a winter day.

  6. Sounds like you are snug as a bug in a rug. We're having temps. in the negatives today. Don't even want to think what the the wind chill is. Looks like the Arctic. Yum! Been years since I ate a nice roast beef .Happy New Year!

    1. Jane; You're up in a cold part of the country, for sure. This is the last roast from a beef that our son raised for us in WY--not something I would often buy.

  7. I lose a Rosemary EVERY year. I never learn and always leave protecting them, too late. Happy New Year!

    1. Em; This is the third winter for the largest rosemarys on the porch. They have amazed me with their hardiness. If temps are predicted to dip below 25 F I tend to swaddle them in heavy towels or bring them into the house.

  8. Wet and very windy here in southern England, but much milder than last winter (so far).

    It`s good that you have stocked up with food and necessities. Not great weather for driving across country if you don`t need to.

    1. DW; Many of the old stories of England have given me an impression of very cold winters. I'm now wondering if snow is usually part of the winter package.
      I had to drive in bad weather in both Vermont and Wyoming--more often than was comfortable. I'm spoiled here with Jim as chauffeur.

  9. Your blogging neighbor in Cincinnati, Ohio, got a lot more snow than you did. It's beautiful today with the deep snow and a bright blue sky, but I'll be happy to see it go away. It was 5 degrees when I got on the computer this morning - snow is not likely to go away fast.

    1. Lillian; Jim's sister and BIL in the Toledo area are feeling burdened with snow and cold. Here in south-central KY I think we miss the worst of it. After 2 or 3 cold days we return to warmer temps.

  10. Hate to inject this, but it was 61*F today, BUT, it will chill out into the -'s starting tomorrow. By Sunday, it will be in the -'s with windchill of -20-25's again.
    I hate the warm/cold cycle. The body says "yah" then when its cold, you are spoiled.
    Stay safe and warm, keep the cats happy and the boy cats under control. (Easier said than done).
    Take care

  11. Vicki; The weather patterns are crazy, aren't they? It doesn't pay to plan far ahead. The cats have been cantankerous--I'm sure we can blame the weather.