Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sunshine, Blue Sky; Dogs; Wood Piles

Another day of beautiful weather--- warm brilliant days that are to be cherished as we progress 
toward winter.
We were back at our neighbors' farm to cut wood soon after a hearty breakfast.
I had determined to pit myself against the hill again--hoping to reach the summit without such a bout of painful huffing and gasping.
J. had other ideas--he was headed up with the tractor and trailer and needed the chainsaws and tools that were strapped to the luggage carrier of the 4-wheeler.
I clambered aboard and followed the tractor up the hill.
Interestingly, this gave me a better sense of the terrain than my walk of the previous day. I hadn't over-estimated the steepness of the climb and had probably under estimated the full distance of about a mile from the point where the track crosses the brook until  reaching the area where J. is cutting up wood.

I followed him back down an hour later; he had put chains on the tractor tires to ensure better traction both climbing the hill and coming back down with the push of the loaded trailer behind.
As we came out of the woods onto the more level ground of the pasture, D. and G. drove in.
G. had been presented with several squares of a pumpkin spice cake, cream-cheese frosted, which was served at the monthly homemakers' meeting she attends.
She handed round this treat which fortified us for the second venture into the woods.

The Russell's dogs decided to go along!
G. rode on a cushion in the trailer, D. drove the 4-wheeler with me on behind.

The older, darker-furred dog is 'Jake.'
Ike, the younger one is greedy of attention.
If anyone pets Jake, Ike shoves his way in.
He pesters Jake incessantly.
At one point he had Jake's tail in his teeth, trying to get the older dog to play.

D. and J. at work in shirt-sleeves.

G. discovered this creepy-crawly in the moist soil beneath a chunk of wood.
Easy to see where the concept of a 'Caterpillar' tractor originated.

We have encountered a few trees here which we can't identify, but several varieties of oak, maple, ash, shag bark hickory and beech are familiar.

Jake and Ike with D. sprawled in the deep carpet of leaves.

D. looks on as J. sharpens the chainsaw.

View of the knoll in front of the woods with the shallow brook running along the edge.
Each time I admire this bit of ground I think how it would suit the last house we had in Wyoming.
The log exterior would have looked handsome in such a setting.
Back home with the large trailer heaped with firewood, we were more than ready to dish out the hearty beef stew that simmered all day in the crock pot.
I am tired this evening with muscles that have worked hard.
Still, the glory of laboring outdoors on such a lovely blue sky day should see me through any residual aches and complaints!


  1. Another lovely day in the woods. The dogs looked happy to be there too. I'm glad you had your family along, helping. It makes such a difference. The logs look like they will make great firewood. We still have a tree in the paddock to turn into logs, and one down along the river, but quite a bit further than the last one was, so further to carry it : (

    I hiope you aren't aching too much today.

    1. Jennie; I was thinking how much more labor was involved in my grandfather's time to get up a winter's worth of wood. A chainsaw in good working order--and a man who knows how to use it--several people to lift and carry and stack--it is satisfying work.
      Now, if I can figure out an easy way to carry some of the wood downstairs to my sewing room.......

  2. Love Jake and Ike.

    1. Lillian; Those two great larruping dogs are hilarious! Ike is so boisterous he could easily knock me over.

  3. You know that old saying "Wood heats you twice. Once in the heating and once in the cutting." A lot of work but it will be nice to have all that free heat (if you don't count the labor). Besides nothing smell as wonderful as a nice wood fire!

    1. Jane; We thought of that old saying as we worked. I decided that the wood heats us three times--we were pulling off our jackets as we loaded the chunks into the trailer--we'll be warm when we carry it into the house each winter day--and finally, warm when it crackles and glows in the stoves!

  4. What a beautiful day for such hard work Sharon, I must say you all look like you where enjoying your day. xx

    1. Jill; It was the best of late autumn weather--lovely to be working outside.

  5. how nice to see the dogs, I was hoping you might show them. I hope you are enjoying some long hot baths for your aches!