Friday, April 26, 2013


I was on the front porch this morning early removing coverings from the tomato plants, but it was some time before I remembered to step around the corner of the house and check the progress of the
white clematis.
It has recovered from digging around in autumn of 2011 to remove the rusted chicken wire support and install a neat trellis.

The heart of a white flower is so beautiful with hints of pale green and a creamy center.

A long-legged insect rests on a clematis blossom--I don't know its name.
I want to call it a mayfly but no idea if that is correct.

This photo is not as clear.
I was using the macro setting but was not at the correct angle to do justice to the opening blossom.

Edward the Cat was purring around my ankles, swishing his tail into camera range.
I tried to maneuver him out of the photo while holding the camera steady.

I could have taken dozens of photos.
It seems that the buds and blooms arrange themselves perfectly into lovely compositions.

Why must the most beautiful plants have such a short blooming season?
[A rhetorical question, of course.]
By next week the lavender/pink clematis on the larger trellis should be opening its dusky blooms.
Such fleeting joy--new each springtime.

I have dealt with the camera!
Which is not to say that I have explored a fraction of its capabilities!
After frustrating hours of attempting to deal with the fuji software I suspected that it was loading an app which was incompatable with other programs.
Programs and functions which I had opened immediately 'froze' putting me into a panic.
At 10:15 PM I un-installed the software and decided I must go to bed while some hint of sanity remained.
I knew that in the morning I would attempt to load my new photos using an existing program.
Picasa loaded them without a hitch and automatically duplicated them in "My Pictures."
I can edit, e-mail, print, upload to blogger, Face Book or craigslist.
What more do I need?
I feel grumpish toward Fuji for not providing user-friendly software, but I'm not going to waste more precious hours banging my head over it.
Instead I will concentrate on learning more about my clever camera and enjoy recording my emerging gardens and the antics of my cats.
Expect to see more!


  1. All of the pictures a lovely but the last is my favourite, just gorgeous.
    My Blue Angel clematis is really throwing lots of new leaves and I just love this one, it goes on all of the summer well into the Autumn, you could try it if you want a longer lasting one.

  2. Your photos are lovely. Glad your clematis survived the digging and has given you lots of beautiful blooms.

    Have a lovely weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. You take great photos! I hate fussy cameras, I make no claim to being a "photographer', I just want a camera I can point and click with, a simple program for downloading, I use i-photo, and that's it.

  4. The clematis is absolutely gorgeous. Don't worry about the camera. I know very little about mine. It's TOO complicated to be honest and by the time you've set everything up, the subject has flown/trotted off!

  5. What a gorgeous clematis. I treated myself to another Montana rubens this week, but "may" take it as a present for a friend and get the Montana alba I saw at one of the plant stalls at the car boot sale last week (he's there every week now).

    I'm glad you've got to grips with your camera. When we finally move I hope to upgrade mine as it's not as good as my older one (cheaper one too!) on macro shots or zoom.

    Hogtied with tiredness here, so will away, but lovely photos . . .

  6. Oh your photos are lovely Sharon as are your lovely

  7. Breathtaking photos ...what a gorgeous plant ...glad you are having fun with your camera now xx

  8. What a pretty clematis I have a deep purple one. Your white one would complement it well.

  9. I love clematis! Your photos are wonderful! Guess I missed the post where you talked about your new camera - I will have to look back. My camera has taken thousands of photos and is old and slow now - like me! ;-)