Friday, April 12, 2013

Cats Before Rain

Thursday morning, outside early to work in the garden.
Lowering skies, kittens in a wild and wooly frame of mind.
Nellie in the sweet gum tree.

Nellie walks as far out on a branch as he can go, then teeters before carefully reversing.

Bobby is intent on sub-terranean scrabblings in a mole's run.
Nellie watches, ready to lend a helpful paw.

Nellie, Edward and Willis strolled with me across the north pasture to admire the ancient pear tree in full bloom. The cats are very attentive to the buzzing and zooming of bees.
Nellie climbs for a better look at the bees and discovers the deep cleft in the trunk of the pear tree.

Nellie has gone head first into the tree trunk.
I don't know how deep the hollow extends.
For a moment all that is visible of Nellie is his fluffy tail.

Nellie, right side up again, peers reassuringly from the slit in the tree trunk.

Meanwhile, Edward nibbles the prickly tip of a wild rose bush.

Nellie climbs higher to inspect  the hovering bees--but the mist of rain is turning into a drizzle.
I trudge back up the slope, calling cats, who decide that perhaps its time to go inside, find a soft clean bedspread--the better to dry one's feet, my dear!


  1. Cute close-up photo of Nellie. My grandmother used to say, when the cats got wild before a storm, "cat's got the wind in his tail".

  2. What a fine post. Nothing better than joining cats in 'their' world for awhile. Deb

  3. Lovely photos - I love the one of Nellie peering out of the cleft in the pear tree.

  4. Wonderful shots of Nellie and the pear tree ...young cat are so much fun to be around ....thought I'd commented on your salads I'll just say 'Yum' ...must give the broccoli one a try. xx

  5. Great pictures - the close-up of Nellie is amazing.

  6. ChrisJ - my mum used to say that too (so I still do as well).

    Nellie looks very Maine Coone-ish. I thought that you were going to have to pull him out by his tail when he disappeared like that!