Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blogger Quandries

Thanks to Em Parkinson who let me know this morning that my post 'Winter On The Creek Bank' had disappeared overnight.
Where do such things go?
I had managed to load two photos for the post by switching to HTML mode to load photos from my computer, one at a time, per the advice found when I googled for  suggestions on the current blogger glitch.
Another blogger suggested opening Blogger in Google Chrome should fascilitate loading photos.
I did that, loaded the remainder of the relevant photos and added my text.
The process was a bit clumsy for me, as there were several changes from the usual formatting and I found that photos landed where they pleased.
I was tired of fussing by then, so published the post.
I know that it appeared at least briefly as Deb saw it immediately and left a comment which I published.
This morning the whole post was gone. Going into my post archive I found that only the original two photos remained.
I reloaded photos using HTML, wrestled them about, rewrote the text and hit 'publish.'
To my amazement when I checked the blog, Deb's comment and my reply appeared under the newly written post.
This is too frustrating, too technical for someone of my limited skills to 'fix.'
At least as often as not, blogger has issues!
As Hildred commented, there is no one--no place--where we can complain and feel that we are being heard!
We can only hope that some team of techies in India--or wherever the computer geeks puzzle on such things--will come up with a workable solution.
There--I've had my rant for the day!


  1. Try using Windows live writer for writing and uploading pictures for your posts. My husband told me I ought to try it a year or so ago and I love using it.

    FlowerLady Lorraine

    1. Errrr--I'm not sure I have Live Writer feature--or just where to look for it. I may check that out--but at the moment I'm cross-eyed from staring at the screen and trying to make stuff work.
      Thank you, Lorraine, for the suggestion!

  2. Rant away....I'm fully expecting to have problems very soon with the amount of pictures I upload, Chrome or otherwise!

    1. Hi Em; It is so nice to be given permission to rant! I think we all get frustrated with blogger but don't like the alternative of wordpress.

  3. I was having horrendous issues but suddenly all has gone ok again - the spam was fixed by turning on all the levels of protection available - and why I am having no problems with posting phots I do not know, as every one else seems unable to AT ALL?

    I transferred The Compost Bin over to Wordpress but couldn't get it to look "right" and also don't like their comment system, so have stayed with Blogger for now

    Good luck with trying to re post - I always like to read what you have to say :-)

    1. Hi Compost Woman; The idea of transferring a 'compost bin' creates an interesting mental picture!
      Its good to know what others have experienced and the possibilities for 'fixing.'
      Lorraine's suggestion of using Live Writer is workable for me.
      [But I still think Blogger should get their act sorted!]

  4. I did read in the news that Google had some issues in the last week or so where 'someone' got their 'certificates' (no idea what that means)and they had to do some quick fixing as it could have affected the whole internet. I believe Google now owns Blogger, so they may be having adjustment problems. The whole thing is so large now, who knows where the problems lie. I've used Google Chrome for about a year now and haven't seemed to have as many problems as others have. I wish all techies would stop trying to 'improve' everything!

    1. Chris; I think it was about a year ago when i updated to Google Chrome. I've had difficulties with photo uploads for about 2 months, and then the whole thing stalled.
      I like the old adage 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' I haven't found blogger's upgrades to be all that helpful.