Sunday, April 8, 2012

A New Garden Cart

I have been reminding [nagging?] J. that I need a managable garden cart.
I don't do well any more with hoicking sacks of peat or compost or mulch about by brute strength. [Hah!] .
I have a long history of over-filling wheelbarrows and having them overturn when I try to push them--which is not good for my back--or for my temper.
J. and I looked at the carts available at Tractor Supply on Friday and chose this one.
It came flattened in a box.
As D. appeared opportunely, he and J. put it together.

I mentioned how children of a few generations ago would have delighted in a sturdy cart or
wagon as a plaything.
D. promptly folded his 6 ft 3inch length into the cart and began urging it toward the slope of the driveway.

Gaining momentum--past the flower border.

Whee--sailing down the drive.

It was cool in the shadows under the trees and decidedly nippy as the sun went down--weather more appropriate to March or early April than the recent days of 80 F. temps.
Frost warnings were out for much of the state.
Saturday morning dawned with a heavy dew and a light shimmer of white frost which steamed away as the sun appeared over the eastern ridges.
The only sign of any frost damage here is a touch of shriveling on some of the emerging tendrils and leaves of the old grape vine.
My week was divided between hours on my [creaky] knees in my flower borders and riding with J. on endless errands.
For better or worse, I finished my compiling of figures for Income Tax.
Insomnia has been a persistant plague.
I wish I had the presence of mind to leave my bed on these frequent sleepless nights and compose the stories which whirl through my head!
Perhaps the coming week will be more productive and I will be able to work my way farther down my list of chores which 'want done.'


  1. I read that as a new garden CAT! I see that D has taken a leaf from GTM's twins, albeit though his chariot is a slightly tighter fit! Made me smile : )

  2. Don't you ever feel that you'd like to do something like that, get into a cart and go off down the lane, I do.
    I often say to Tom that I wish they made play parks for seniors, I'd love to go on a swing again.

    Much needed rain here today, hope it keeps up for a few days the ground is dry as a bone.


  3. Love your new cart and the pics of D making and taking his own ride in it. That looked like fun even to me at 63.

    Insomnia plagues me some times too. Part of getting older I think. Aging gracefully isn't always easy.

    Have a great week there in your lovely homestead.


  4. that looks like great fun. I can see you in a cart race down the mountain :-)

    I have never suffered from insomnia, rather the opposite, but I think keeping a notebook by the bed, to record your stories is a great idea!

  5. I had a wonderful chuckle over the cart photo!!. What a hoot, and fun too! You could put a 2 or 4 stroke motor on that, figure out a chain drive and putt around the yard :^)
    It is the same weather here. Normal spring weather, in the 50's and 60's, not almost 90*. But my garden is confused now.
    I have been looking at a smaller version of your cart at Tractor Supply too, I am at the point of I just cannot handle wheel barrow any more.
    Have a wonderful week, MM.