Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rainy Day Cats

A soft peach-tinted dawn gave way to mist and rain.
Trees along the road are nearly bare, tawny leaves clinging to a few along the way.

In the back yard the silver maple is realeasing her leaves.
They drift damply down to rest in a wide circle of pale gold.

A small maple nearest the house was the first to drop its leaves, back in September.
They have drifted into the herb garden, settling amongst thyme and sage.

The leaves of the sweet gum are mostly still green.
A few have colored and fallen to lie like brilliant red stars.

Teasel has chosen one of the linen shelves as a snug hideaway for a rainy day.
Teasel, being my 'darling', will not be hustled out of the towels--I'll have to remember that using the pink one will result in a face full of fluff!
Dear old Eggnog loves to watch the flicker of flames. She dreams by the hour in front of which ever
fire is burning.

Wilbur and Willow have stationed themselves by the sliding door, intent on the patter of rain drops and
 whirling leaves just beyond their noses.

Willis and his cohorts, Sadie and Sally, were on the side porch/carport promptly at 7:15
to claim their breakfast.
The tortie girls sensibly retreated to the barn when the rain blew in.
The outside felines have the choice of the 'tobacco barn' which is stacked to the rafters with this seasons' hay crop, or the nearer barn.  Devin contrived a snug house for the cats there in the loft, stacking hay bales to create a roomy covered 'cave' lined with old sleeping bags.
Willis, the contrary cat, has lodged on the wicker loveseat on the front porch.

Unfazed by the drizzle beyond the porch, he snuggles into a tattered sheepskin rug.
I've watched him from the window inside noting how his ears twitch as a current of air whisks dry leaves across the porch floor.
Two of the livingroom chairs are occupied by dozing cats.  Looking for an item J. wanted I found Mima sweetly curled in the storage closet off the outside basement stairs.
There is a cat on the bed, another on the plant table in the basement, huddled beneath the gro-light.

Charlie has curled his hairy self on the bench by the sliding doors, im-periling the already
cat-battered begonia.
I've moved an apple pie from the freezer to the oven where its spicy aroma will greet J. when he returns from installing a wood stove at G.'s house.
I made rash promises earlier this week that on the next rainy day I would [errrr!] betake myself downstairs to the family room to finish sorting my books and sewing paraphernalia.
All this observation of drowsy cats has me thinking it would be just the thing to curl up with a book--there is a comfy rocking chair alongside both the fireplace and the downstairs fire.
But [errr--again] I promised myself.
So, bolstered with a mug of tea, I'm off to the sorting
Edited to add that I was headed downstairs to my sorting, full of tea and good intentions, when J. returned and suggested that we make doughnuts--something we haven't done during the heat of spring and summer.
A cozy, sugary treat for a rainy day.
Good intentions will now resume.


  1. What can I say...... just that this is a lovely relaxing post..

  2. What a great bunch of feline sweeties you have at your place.

    Great post ~ FlowerLady

  3. I remember you making doughnuts earlier in the year I yearned for some to enjoy with a large coffee. Again you have posted some beautiful photos ...that red fallen leaf is stunning.
    We find rain affects the cats so differently....from being glued to the running through it trying to dodge the droplets, incase they are actually acid ...but then there is Felix who will saunter down the garden and even sit admiring it as it falls, comming home absolutely soaking.

  4. Briony: Cats are such a lovely example of relaxation--they make any spot look cozy!
    FL: The 'sweeties' had best be good kitties this week--they need to make up for some crashing and smashing a few days back.
    Angie: We've not had many cats who liked getting wet, mostly they are offended if there is even some spilled water by their drink station. That leaf caught my eye as I came in from the drizzle--like a red jewel. Have sent home fresh doughnuts with grandson--if J. and I start eating such treats in November we shall be big as whales by spring!

  5. How wonderful for them to have cozy warm places to sleep -- and for you to have those delicious looking donuts!

  6. Chris: I can prepare inviting places for cats to nap--as a rule they prefer to choose their own spot, not necessarily where I would like them to be!

  7. I think this cooler and wetter autumn weather suggests nice things to eat as I spent yesterday morning baking! Your cats look as contented and settled as ours - and here there is not a spare seat in the house either!

  8. Lucky cats - cold, winter days will hold no fears for them, even the barn cats have luxury accommodation for wet or snowy days:) Hope you managed to get your books etc sorted. That's the sort of job I enjoy but it takes me a long time because I start reading the books!

  9. What a delightful little family you have, I did enjoy seeing them all cozy and warm.

  10. peaceful! Nothing better than fall and felines and food of the comfort sort!

  11. BB: J.'s elderly cat Raisin makes a practice of claiming any chair he vacates for a moment. If I did that, I'd be in trouble!
    Rowan: Sorting books is a dangerous job, for the reason you mentioned. I did clear a path through the toppling towers, removed books from chair seats, but then I started reading. There will, I'm sure, be other rainy days!
    Kath: "dellightful"--and much loved, but pestiferous as well!
    Rondi: Sitting down with a book is an immediate invitation to any lurking cat--I find I can juggle my tea and a book while making a feline comfortable---it doesn't work if I'm trying to balance the laptop, as cat and tea on the keyboard is a sure disaster.

  12. I love those kitties!! Great shots. And you make your OWN doughnuts.