Thursday, May 5, 2011

Working in the Garden

Finally--a day when we could work in the garden.
By noon the soil had dried enough to use the Troybilt tiller.
Here M. and G. set out tomato plants.
Note Pebbles grazing near the garden fence--she likes to be involved.

M. is impressed with the quality of Kentucky dirt!

G. in full gardening regalia--the Linus bathrobe with plaid boots.

Afternoon sun shimmers over the blackberries and young fruit trees.

I took a break to stretch my back and was caught on camera by D.
He says I was "directing" the show by gesticulating with my tea mug.

J. and D. setting out tomato plants.
We have about 4 dozen out and several dozen still growing on in the cold frame.
D. commented that gardening was looking like it might be "time-consuming."
G. and I did a good deal of weeding in the perennial strips.  I divided and moved a clump of cranesbill, set in some lupines which G. contributed.
J. strimmed around the edges of the flowers beds while I hopped frantically in front of him pointing out things that mustn't be whacked.
I worked for several hours on my knees with the scent of roses wafting about my head.
Birds sang and we were visited by Willis and by Jinka, G.'s white cat.
A few more days of such weather and we may begin to feel that the garden is coming under control.


  1. What lovely gardens you have! Yummy fresh veggies, I miss them. Nothing like Vermont for tomatoes. I suspect you will have the same in Kentucky. Have y'all picked up the accent yet? :)

  2. You are working so hard! Your gardens and flowers should be a wonderful payoff for all your hard work.

  3. how do you manage to produce strawberries and roses at this time of the year, there must be magic in your soil. Do envy your soft fruit patch and apple trees, everything bursting into life.

  4. Looks like hard work but I think you all enjoyed it in the sun. Wow could end up with a ton of tomatoes ...are they all red and standard ... or have you tried cherry or yellow ones too

  5. Just lovely and all that sunshine too!