Monday, April 11, 2011

White Clematis

On Thursday afternoon the buds of the white clematis were plump but still tightly closed.
I didn't think to go out around the end of the carport yesterday and look at them.
The warm days over the weekend brought them into full bloom.

I am pleased with this photo. The pair of green-tinged blossoms are on a bit of the vine that needs to be coaxed closer to the chicken-wire support and trained to climb.
One [more] of the things that didn't get done while spring was still in its infancy.

This flower, nearer the top of the support is heavy with rain drops.

The sky was menacing when I took the first photos and a cloudburst drove me indoors to hastily shut open windows and sop up rain that instantly pooled on windowsills.
The storm passed in about 15 minutes and I squelched out to see how the clematis fared.
I used the  macro setting for this shot--the detail of the raindrops pleases me.


  1. Very pretty photos! I am so jealous you already have these flowers blooming. We need the rain so badly here, what fun it would be to have a shower.


  2. Hi Shanon, Photos of WY look dry also, but there's at least 6 more weeks there when it may snow heavily. Then they have the melt from the mountains which will come down into the valleys.
    I am so blessed to have all the shrubs and flowers planted by the former owners. They just need a bit of discipline!

  3. Lovely photos especially the one with the raindrops on. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. It's going to be a few more days yet before I get to see my Dr.Have a great time 'disciplining' your plants and shrubs!

  4. How lovely, very delicate. i found one trampled under an old shed, I am eager to see what colour it turns out to be. I do like the white tho, rather classy, non?

  5. How beautiful the drops of rain look on the flower, we really cannot reproduce what nature gives us can we?
    I am waiting for the nursery to get a white clematis called 'Arctic Queen' in for me,It is a double flower apparently it flowers through the summer, just like my Blue Angel.
    Yes, we always mean to do so much and time gets in the way, never mind the pictures are lovely as always.

  6. Your clematis are very early - at least by UK standards. We do have the small flowered spring varieties out but none of the larger ones are even close yet. Yours is a very pretty one, I love the photo with the raindrops on it.

  7. Beautiful flowers and beautiful photos of them.

  8. How pretty. I seem to have a lot of purpley ones, but have a couple of early pink ones in bud, and the double lilac one appears to have snuffed it in the snow and ice . . . I shall leave it a bit and hope it recovers though.