Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Political Gift

When I talked with our daughter on her birthday, she alerted me that a gift had been sent to her Dad, but with the P.O. closed on Monday it would be a few days before it arrived.
She didn't tell me anything about the gift.
This forenoon the doorbell rang.  J. was nearest the back door and opened it to a substitute mail carrier, a pony-tailed woman who presented him with a neat box labeled with priority stickers.
J. plunked the carton on the table and in a tone laden with suspicion inquired, "Did you order something?  I thought everything you were getting with the Scorecard bonus points was already here."
"It has your name on it.  Why don't you open it and find out what it is?"
J. sliced the tape on the box and began burrowing through layers of tissue paper.
As the items emerged he began chortling.
"What on earth...?" I was bewildered.
"The Factor," he said, snatching off his Ritchie Bros auction cap and adjusting the new one to fit.
He shook out the T-shirt, removed the handsome coffee mug from its protective cardboard.
I was none the wiser.
"Bill O'Reilly, The Factor. T. F."
Suddenly I was enlightened.
"Oh, him," I said.
The O'Reilly Factor is J.'s favorite segment of Fox News.
O'Reilly is a smart, savvy, quick-witted man.
His shows are noisy, he interrupts his guests, they all talk/screech at once.
I endured The Factor for a number of years as it came on tv just as I was making supper.
Now J. watches it via his laptop which decreases the overall volumne.
I would say the gifts were well chosen with their recipient in mind.
J. is quite tickled with them.

Bill O'Reilly's staunch admirer.


  1. I'm not an admirer at all...have just heard wretched loud nasty excerpts of O'Reilly's program...but it's cute how tickled J is with his gifts!

  2. I agree with J -- and you. Except for one thing, I just can't listen to all the wrangling, it's just too loud. But Bill does have a good head on his shoulders.