Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shades of Brown

J.'s nephew with wife and toddler daughter are with us for a visit, so not much time at the computer
which lives in what is for the moment the guest room
We took them to view a parcel of land nearby, part of an old farm which is up for sale.
The oaks are clinging to leaves although many are in glossy brown heaps under the trees.
We picked up hickory nuts in the wooded area and enjoyed our tramp through the pastures.

The shine of this leaf is more beautiful to me than any silk or satin.

A clump of wild asters toppled and gone to seed.

In the rather forlorn remains of a barnyard, a variety of datura [maybe jimson weed]
 has gone to seed.
The seeds are toxic but intriguing to look at.

A motley herd of young cattle came to inspect us.

Oak foliage against a sunny blue sky.


  1. What a lovely walk. I love autumn woodland. Enjoy your guests.

  2. Your American oaks change into the most beautiful and vibrant colours. Our English oaks are still mostly in green leaf, although the young ones seem to turn colour much earlier than the mature trees.

  3. Yes it looks very autumnal in your neck of the woods. Still lots of green here in England, but a stiff NW wind brought a lot of leaves down.

  4. What a nice walk you had on a lovely piece of land.


  5. Oh I am there with you, absorbing all this autumn beauty (and have you thought of encapsulating those leaves in quilt work?) - guess you don't have time at the moment, but I will treasure your shining photo o that oak leaf.

  6. Shades of brown are lovely and, actually, one of my favorite colors to wear! Wonderful pics...