Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Battle of the Basket

Eggnog, our mild-mannered elder cat, feels that she has first claim on the hooded basket.
It was particularly appealing this morning with sunlight falling on the dresser.
She apparently abandoned her place in order to accomplish her morning rituals and came back to find the basket had been taken over.

Jemima appropriated the basket.
As I did morning chores I passed the bedroom door several times and noted that Eggie was sitting beside the basket, obviously waiting for Mima to realize that Eggie had a better claim.
Eventually she stretched out patiently, big blue eyes fixed compellingly on the usurper.
Mima remained immoveable.

The basket is a very tight fit for two cats, but neither one wanted to give in.
I think that is Eggnog's tail, but I can't be sure.

They did eventually settle for a nap.

Teasel said that she needed a basket in the sun as well.
One must keep the resident cats happy!


  1. Just beautiful...

    It's great to start my day with a smile. Thank you.

  2. I KNEW I was going to love this blog!!! I almost skipped it, to save for my last blog visit tonight, but the temptation was too great! I laughed out loud and hope I didn't wake MOTH who is catching up on jet-lag. Those photos are priceless!

  3. Lovely photos:) It can't have been very comfortable in the two cat basket though.

  4. I hope you don't mind but I put a link from my blog to yours to show off these cats. I think it is so hilarious.

  5. Came over from ChrisJ's blog, and these are adorable pictures. Just great captures of beautiful cats, full of personality.

  6. Al; cats have long delighted me--they are beautiful, graceful, demanding creatures.
    Chris; We have always had cats sharing our living space. They do such funny and maddening things. Many of the most entertaining moments happen too quickly for my camera to catch.

  7. Rowan: Don't cats just have a knack for making an uncomfortable spot seem appealing?
    Chris: I'm delighted to share the pleasure of my cats--thank you for providing the link.
    Wanda: Thank you for commenting. I think each cats has his/her own personality just as we humans do.

  8. I love the pics of the cats in the hooded basket! Priceless pic.