Monday, September 6, 2010

The Third Barn Kitten

J. rode the 4-wheeler down to the end of the neadow to check on the hay late this afternoon.
Neighbor Dale was outside so of course they caught up on man-talk.
A stringy striped kitten was lurking hopefully, and when J. remarked on it, Dale said that it had been "dropped off" several days ago.
I was a bit astonished to see J. drive in with a small cat in his lap.  The catlet was cool as a cucmber, as if he rode noisey motorized steeds every day.

We agreed that we don't need another cat. We didn't even have to discuss that it will be staying and we'll be feeding and caring for him.
His name, by the way, seems to be "Willis."
He is only slightly larger than Sadie and Sally and there is a strong resemblance in the pointy face and big ears.
Either he is from the same litter or there is a roving Tom with very distinctive genes.
There are two cleanly healed small wounds on his head, almost as though he had been pecked by a chicken sort of creature.

He has been fed, watered, petted and accomodated for the night in a cage which matches that of the girl kittens.
I hope we don't have to brace ourselves for an onslaught of abandoned or straying cats.
This is not meant to be a blog of cat tales--normal subject matter may resume.


  1. Ah, this is our problem here too. We don't go looking for cats, but they turn up, hungry and desperate, at the door . . . Willis looks like he will keep your barn meeces under control anyway. I wonder if there is Siamese in the ancestry of your new kits - those BIG ears and pointy noses?

  2. Oh Sharon! Don't let the word get out or you'll be running a kitten shelter. I wish I lived nearer, I'd love to share them with you. In fact if I had a barn that's exactly what I'd do. It's so hard to say no to the little faces. They are minxes because they know it.

  3. I love the image of J riding the 4-wheeler with tiny Willis perched calmly on his that is the perfect barn cat! Those "peck" marks could be claw marks from another cat, too...glad they are healing cleanly rather than abscessed. I hope the little girls will like their new brother. (And yes, there does appear to be a traveling salesman with some Siamese heritage making the rounds!)

  4. aw! well done for being a big softie Sharon!

    Leanne x

  5. What an interesting cat family you are accumulating! I wonder what the pampered folk in the house would make of this, if they were to catch a glimpse of the barn family??? Lucky kitties, having you come along just when they needed you.

  6. Ahh ...bless them all ... so beautiful ...hope the three get on well. You painted a cute picture of Willis on J's knee ...thank goodness he is as soft as you ...or maybe not as there is no voice of reason to stop you increasing your numbers lol

    I have to agree with the person who said you will get known as a sanctuary ...we are the first port of call if someone looses or finds a cat. Though you might like to know that Stripey still pops by ...his back looks fine .. and he has made friends with a couple of ours.

  7. Hi, Sharon! Can't wait until I'm able to catch up on all my blog reading here!

    Living on a tree farm here, we have had a few "dropped off" kittens in the past. We were leaving for vacation at the time and took them to our wonderful Saving Grace animal shelter. They found homes for them.