Saturday, June 26, 2010

You See What I Mean?

This is about half of the moring's cucumber harvest.
They have been given a cool bath.  Do they join the pile languishing in the fridge?
How about a basket full taken to church and placed in the lobby with a sign, "Free cucumbers"--or--"Please take me home"---?
Would it be immoral, unethical, to uproot a healthy cucumber vine or two [or more] while they are in full production?
My mind boggles at the thought of more pickles.

Lantana and impatiens in the porch planter.
The brick planter is a very narrow structure which doesn't lend itself to "garden design."
The only option is plants in a stiff row.


  1. Definitely unethical MM! I`m sure someone would be happy to make use of your surfeit of cucumbers. The basket in the church porch or another public place sounds a good idea.

    We were given two cucumber plants. No fruit on them yet, so far, but the courgettes in the garden are looking promising.

  2. I think taking your spare produce to church with a 'help yourself' notice is the best out come ....unless everyone else grows them too lol. How about making some Chutney too there are loads of 'cucumber and ...' recipes on line and it would be great with cheese.If I was near you I would be glad to take them off your hands.
    Yes our system is a Nation Health Service but as science progresses and treatment becomes costly, they cut back on other things like the number of ambulances and what they deem an emergency...the plus is that no one has to worry about the cost of treatment if they are seriously ill ...they recieve it... no matter how poor they are ... and there is no bill at the end to worry about.

  3. I dearly love cukes, but just the 'burpless' variety. I didn't grow them this year, but hope to find some at the summer Farmers' Markets. Dare I call you lucky? :<)

  4. Good idea about the free cucumbers offer. In our office, my colleagues often bring surplus produce in and set it out on a table in the lobby, for anyone who would enjoy it, to help themselves. I think its a great idea and take my autumn apples in to share.

  5. Lantana and impatiens, a lot of these grow around here. We ourselves grow a lot of impatiens because we have some shady spots from the hot son.

    With the cucumbers, I would take them to church. A lot of people who don't have a garden would be pleased to have them. At the church office where we employ about 10 people and have a lot more pass through, some people bring in boxes of oranges when in season. They're not perfect enough to sell, but they taste good.

  6. Invite me to tea. I could easily eat half a dozen of those at a sitting! You soon wouldn't have a cucumber mountain : )

  7. Seems to be very good harvesting this year! Even if people at church take only one, I'll bet they soon disappear. I was very pleasantly surprised to go out and collect a basket of figs this morning! First time I've seen them appear so early. I think fig muffins will be emerging from the oven in a little while, (after fresh figs for breakfast!) even if it's meant to be 95 today!
    Hope you're able to stay "Cool as a CUCUMBER" today!