Sunday, February 21, 2010

Icicles and Snow

It has snowed a good deal of the time since Wednesday evening. 
Today brought blue skies and sunshine and the end [for  now] of white flakes piling up.

Fantastic icicles have formed all around the eaves of the house and garage, almost worthy of that scene in Dr. Zhivago.
Another shot of the ice fringe from inside the bedroom window.  In the background is the van J. is loading with our motley goods.
As the sun warmed the icicles they began to drip with audible plops into the snowbank beneath.  Raisin the Cat observes.
Grandson D. broke off a magnificent ice specimen and brought it inside for me to admire.
D. is 6 ft tall and figures the icicle measures about 4 ft.
Behind him, free of charge, is a view of the disheveled great room.
In the midst of uproar and clutter the last bowl of paperwhites blooms in fragrant and snowy loveliness.


  1. Gosh. That's what you CALL an icicle! Good-looking strappping grandson too. You mentioned our green-ness here. Well, we don't often have snowy winters like the last two, and like Ireland, we get a lot of rain, hence the green-ness all the time, even in winter. If they have a draught in England, the minute you cross the Severn Bridge and drive into Wales you can see it getting greener by the mile!

    Your house is starting to look very empty now . . .

  2. Good gracious! Those are some whopping icicles. Hang in there with the packing! I really don't envy you for the packing or the icicles -- but maybe for the paper whites and definitely for the cats. Bailey has begun to misbehave again and we're at our wit's end to know what to do.Can't keep replacing the carpet!

    Have to take Barry to the hospital for a colonoscopy tomorrow, so we're hoping all will be OK. We 're getting rain. Some quite heavy.

  3. Wow what a specimen ...icicle that is .... although GS is a good looking chap'
    Had a close look at your dismantled room ...there is a sadness to it now but my eyes caught sight of that wonderful chair with the natural branches at the back....I want one xx

  4. Those are some serious icicles! we had lots of melting and dripping from our heavy it's warmed up into the 40s and thank goodness the snow has all melted off the roof and most of the ice has melted out of the gutters so they're (mostly) draining again. Shh don't tell him but your grandson is a real cutie!