Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Animals of the Day

Here is Shop Cat, the ginger Scottish Fold who patrols the auto service in the industrial complex across the way.  I was able to get a clear photo of him today which does justice to his good looks and unique air of command.
If you missed Shop Cat's story, scroll down a few posts and read all about him.

Several deer crossed the yard just at sunset, pulling bits of hay from the stack of bales which belong to Pebbles the Horse.  One by one the larger deer jumped the pasture fence.  Last summer's fawn hesitated for a moment, then sailed over to join the group.  The pink reflection is from a geranium in the window.


  1. Hullo MM,

    Aye, he's a braw specimen right enough. And with that heart on show clearly comfortable with his feminine side too.....


  2. Shop Cat is a very handsome feline:) I've just been catching up with your blog and realised that you are in the middle of a house move, I can imagine how you feel faced with all that sorting and packing! We have over 30 years worth of 'stuff' in this house and, even though I am by no means a packrat, the thought of sorting through everything and getting it into boxes is daunting. I hope you find a beautiful new home in Kentucky and we can look forward to seeing and hearing all about a new part of the US. Good luck with the packing!

  3. It was very interesting to read the info about this breed, I had not heard of it before. He certainly loks like he "owns the place"!

  4. Gosh - looks half Scottish Wildcat that one! Master of all he surveys alright! No deer here, but a squirrel (the ubiquitous greys) has found the nut net . . . blasted thing.

  5. My Babka would have loved that job! He too was a "solid" orange fellow, but Manx rather than Scottish Fold, and highly sociable. A neighbor needed to borrow our vacant paddock to house a hastily-acquired horse and Babka immediately made friends with him although to my knowledge he had never seen a horse before. He'd hop up on the Dutch door to the stall and rub foreheads with the horse. He had the same friendly and commanding air as Shop Cat.