Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When the Builder is Bored

J. has long thought that the space over the back rooms of the house shouldn't be wasted, and has commented at various times that he should create a staircase and "loft" rooms.
Building another spec house is not feasable now with the current downturn in sales of homes in that price range.  So--I assume the man is bored.  I came home yesterday to furniture and pictures displaced, a hole in the wall, and a project underway.
The cats do not approve.
I have no idea how a staircase of any kind is going to fit in the designated space, but my lack of imagination is apparently not a deterant to the project.
I am staying behind the closed door which you see above!

This is the view beyond the doorway of my "lair"--where I think I'll be retreating from the uproar! I wonder if I should bring in the electric kettle, a mug and the tea.
I wasn't planning to "entertain" over the holidays--now I don't need to even think of decorating, and cleaning will be about broom and dustpan to clear up remodeling debris.

A ceiling light fixtrue has been removed and an array of tools brought in.  I hope none of the cats will scale the ladder and nest in the attic insulation.
I planned to make gift pies today, but the liabilities of sifting sheetrock dust mean a postponement.


  1. You have my sympathy! My husband is planning to remove the kitchen cupboards and plasterboard ceiling over Christmas!

  2. Hullo MM,

    Is that some good natured grumping going on there?
    Look on the bright side. When your husband is bored you get some new rooms. When my wifes husband is bored he blogs!

    {And I still manage to create dust - even if its called 'stoor' over here!}



  3. Maybe he is building you a gallery or work room ....well you can dream ...maybe its his idea of a special Xmas present..... maybe you should thank him now for being such a wonderful and thoughtful husband for doing this for you ...with a bit of luck he might be too embaraced to contradict you ...lol

    Watch the cats though ...we once lost 3 curious kittens for nearly a week, when a loft ladder was left unattended.

  4. Aha: I see a pattern emerging here. Went to the DIY store today for some picture glass and was amazed to see the number of men emerging with paint and brushes and heavens knows what. We were 'at it' this time last year, installing a wood-burning stove (husband half-way up the chimney, soot everywhere) in the lounge, sanding and varnishing the floorboards, still sticky as the family arrived. Best of luck! (I'm still waiting for my promised work-room).

  5. Errr-I do sound less than enthused, don't I? I can only plead that this is the 4th house in 10 years that we've moved into as a work in progress. The novelty has worn off! The enlarged space is to make the house more appealing to a potential buyer, so I don't know if I'll get into decorating and embellishing mode.
    Kath: the removal of a plasterboard ceiling sounds very messy--I suggest a full-blown retreat to your craft area, well fortified with tea and snacks!
    Al: I'm intrigued about "stoor", trying to think of a possible origin for the term. All I can come up with is the phrase I heard frequently in childhood re "stirring up dust."
    Incidentally, you create some great blog posts in your boredom!
    Angie: You are obviously a diplomat! My late MIL always urged me to present my ideas in such a subtle way that eventually J. would think he had come up with the plan and was to be congratulated and applauded.
    Ann: One wouldn't think that winter was the ideal season for DIY--although perhaps the Christmas holidays inspire a refurbishing. Due to J.'s occupation for the past decade, I am more familiar with building supply stores and their content than with any other--not that Wyoming abounds in malls and such.
    I am always taken with the paint sample displays--the free color cards find their way into my shopping car and eventually turn into informal bookmarks. The paint colors have such imaginative names.
    Anything with cleaning a flue or setting up stovepipe is a filthy job. No matter how careful one is, there seems to be a trail of sooty footprints.
    We can dream of a beautifully lighted workspace--built-in shelving, a big desk, sewing station---they surely look good in the glossy mags! I think my cats would approve of more surfaces where they could sprawl.