Saturday, November 7, 2009

Shades and Shapes of November

Facing toward the sunrise at about 7 a.m. November 7th.
The morning view to the south-east.

A beautiful sunset one evening this week, after a day of blue skies and crisp temperatures.

The grey of an old willow across the pond. Hidden inlets connect with the cat tail marsh and into one branch of the irrigation ditch so the ducks have a maze of little water ways.

Wind sweeping down from the foothills ruffles the pond and bends tall bronzed grasses and weeds.

The Mallards are dark against the water. The muskrat torments them by churning his way around the pond in their wake.

A twisted old cottonwood against the blue sky.
J. has decided to build the back entry porch in what he hopes will be a few days of clear weather. This aspect of the house is shaded for much of the day as it faces east and the wall of the attached garage cuts off the light and warmth from the south. While wind lashed at the stripped trees and riffled the pond yesterday, here it was still. In this photo the sky above the roofline has disappeared into whiteness.


  1. Work carries on I see. That should keep the worst of the weather off the back door anyway. I really must make another draught-excluder for the kitchen as the wind howls under there in the winter. None of our doors fit!

    Your landscape is starting to look very wintry. We still have some trees with leaves on (oaks mainly and willows and hazel bushes in sheltered spots) but recent gales have wrenched the rest off.

  2. Lovely late autumn photos especially the sunset. There's a great deal of quiet beauty at this time of the year.

  3. Wonderful shots of the sky ... amazing colours.
    Our landscapes are just over cast with rain was strange though as we had some bright spells with a little sun yet the sky was filled with black clouds ...made it a little eerie.

  4. We had some of the eerie look yesterday as clouds moved across the foothills creating dark shadows while to the northeast the sky remained blue. There is indeed a subdued beauty in the landscape, but wintery weather arrived far too early this year. Although the house is only 4 years old, the winds from the west can be so cold and fierce in winter that I often hang a cheap Mexican-style blanket over the front door [which isn't much used]and last year made a pair of lined drapes to hang in the wide doorway between the back entry and the main living space.
    Winter: I must brace myself!