Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cat Wiles, For Cat Lovers Only

My daughter sent me the above cartoon some years ago.  It really captures the manipulative personality of the feline race.  We know that they are purring blandishments...and I think they know that we know.

Mrs. Beasley washes a paw.


  1. You should hear Snowy when he has just positioned himself perfectly in the middle of the newspaper page I was reading . . .

  2. I find that each cat has a different way of gaining my attention from sitting between me and the computer to a smack with a swift paw ...they rule the house and me ....they know I'm a soft touch.

    Loved your photos on the previous post especially the pond with the tree trunk

  3. I love fluffy cattails, as seen on your last post -- and it certainly did look like a 'blusterous' day We have several lagoon close by us and they have cattails, or bullrushes as we used to call them. I miss my cat, Bailey, but I try not to think about him while we're away, because the important thing is he will be there when we get back!

  4. I just wanted to drop by and say thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog; much appreciated. Now I'm going to check back through your posts; I love those pics of the countryside in your previous post and want to discover where it is.