Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More photos from the museum

An old steam boiler
Collection of vintage machinery and implements

Chapel, c. 1909

Borner's Garden School

My daughter enjoyed the vintage textbooks she found in the cupboard.

The following details are from the notes in the museums's handout flyer:

Chapel; This building was founded by the Congregational Society and later supervised by the Episcopalians and the Reverend John Roberts to serve the town of Hudson, Wyoming. Rev. Roberts came to the Wind River Indian Reservation in 1883 and established an Episcopal Mission at Ft. Washakie. He preached at St. Matthew's as part of his ministerial circuit.
The structure was built at Borner's Garden, an area near the mouth of Sinks Canyon along the Old Indian Trail. It served as a one-room schoolhouse until 1948. John Borner was one of the earliest settlers in the Lander Valley. He planted a large garden and trucked his produce into Lander to sell. His sister-in-law was the notorious Calamity Jane.

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  1. Gosh, I had completely forgoten about the lines that were used to teach us the positioning of small and capital letters when I was taught to write in the 60's until I looked at the photo here.

    Incredible how that method was still in use.

    S'pose its the old adage of 'if it aint broke......'